Online Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy provided online adheres to the same concepts and procedures as traditional physiotherapy. Using a video conference platform such as Google, Whatsapp, or Skype, the therapist and client engage in a thorough assessment. Online assessments are a viable and reliable way to accurately diagnose musculoskeletal conditions, according to research. To guarantee a good quality of care, the therapist must, nevertheless, possess a great deal of training and expertise, which Chania Physiotherapy Clinic is able to provide.


There are several factors that could lead someone to select our online services.

  • There isn’t a physiotherapist nearby or you live in a rural location.
  • You may have mobility issues.
  • Because you are a digital nomad without a fixed address, online physiotherapy is your best option.
  • You want to avoid frequent trips to the clinic in order to save time and gas money.
  • You are tired of putting off taking care of what is bothering you, but you are unable to take time off from work.
  • You are currently in our care, and you would prefer to continue working with the same physiotherapist whether you are going away for a long time or coming back.
  • Avoiding exposure and social contact may lower your risk of infection and anxiety.
  • You want to follow a customized therapeutic workout regimen to get healthier quickly.


The purpose of the first assessment session is to evaluate your issue and determine with your therapist the most effective course of therapy.

What to anticipate from your initial online examination is as follows:

  1. You will participate in a video conference with a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist.
  2. To make sure that online physiotherapy is secure and appropriate for you, the physiotherapist will obtain a thorough history of your primary complaint and general health.
  3. After the history is taken, objective tests will be conducted based on the information that was gathered.
  4. Once a diagnosis has been made, the physiotherapist will advise you on whether to begin therapy, whether to see an orthopedic doctor or for imaging, or whether you only need guidance and advice.
  5. If online physiotherapy is a good fit for you, your therapist will create an exercise plan and talk with you about your expectations for treatment and your rehabilitation goals.
  6. You are going to perform the exercises to make sure the technique is correct after your physiotherapist shows you live on video what to do to begin your rehabilitation.
  7. Additionally, you will receive them via email in the form of a video or PDF that you may print.
  8. Finally, you will talk about scheduling a follow-up session when your physiotherapist will reevaluate you and modify or update your recovery plan.
Following your initial appointment, it’s time to take an active role in your own rehabilitation by beginning your customized exercise program and follow the recommendations your physiotherapist gave you.
In the follow-up appointment, your physiotherapist will:
  1. Reevaluate the situation and talk about your objectives and progress.
  2. Perform with you the provided exercise program to refresh your memory on the technique.
  3.  Modify your customized exercise program or add new, progressive exercises to it.
  4. Send you an email with a new or revised exercise plan along with other patient information and guidance materials.
  5. Schedule the next follow-up based on the patient’s schedule and the patient’s progress.

You can text or phone us at any time with questions you have about your rehabilitation program that cannot wait until your next session. We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.


You can make a reservation by giving the clinic a call, texting us, or using our website’s online booking system, which lets you select the day and time that work best for you.

Interested in Online Physiotherapy?