Physiotherapy Facilities - Chania Physiotherapy Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To start on time
  • To be undergone a thorough assessment
  • A clear & honest explanation for each of your questions
  • Comprehensive design of your rehabilitation plan
  • Shared decision-making process
  • A session lasting 30min to an hour

  • The "subjective" examination includes a detailed history, where any information regarding your medical, injury, and physical activity history, as well as contributing factors from your professional, social, and family life, are being thoroughly recorded, processed, and archived.
  • The clinical assessment, where any deficits/deficiencies in the range of motion, strength, motor control, kinaesthesia at the site of your pain, and the surrounding structures are being detailed observed, and recorded.
  • Finally, through a shared-decision goal-setting process, we conduct the design of the most suitable rehabilitation plan.

  • Clothes that allow you to move freely and feel comfortable.
  • Any radiological exams (scans/ x-rays) of the area of interest.
  • Results of other health tests relevant to your condition.

  • The first session will generally go for between 30 to 60min. 
  • Subsequent sessions will usually last between 30 to 90min. 

  • Most musculoskeletal conditions do not take longer than 6-8 sessions for a complete recovery.
  • The amount and frequency of sessions are being defined following the initial assessment and the goal-setting process.

  • Subsequent sessions always start and finish with a brief assessment and discussion.
  • That process guarantees that you’re always on track towards your recovery and you are achieving your short/mid/long-term goals at every step of the way.

  • In our clinic, you will always have one specialist as the main therapist responsible for the consistency & progression of your rehabilitation plan. 
  • You may need to work with different therapists, who will be responsible for different aspects of your recovery.
  • We keep thorough notes which are able to be accessed in real-time by each therapist in the team. 
  • We also have regular team meetings, on demand, where all therapists come together to discuss the management and the progression of the patients.

You can book your appointment online with a CLICK HERE, or contact us via: 

  • Tel. Chania: +30 2821 058 711 
  • Tel. Palaiochora: +30 2823 043 329
  • Viber/WhatsApp: +30 6977 355 112
  • E-mail:

Please note that once you have booked an appointment with us it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you.

In order to avoid any cancellation fee, please provide cancellation notice at least 24h prior to your appointment.


You can cancel your appointment by contacting us via:

  • Tel. Chania: +30 2821 058 711 
  • Tel. Palaiochora: +30 2823 043 329
  • Viber/WhatsApp: +30 6977 355 112
  • E-mail:

According to our cancellation policy notice shorter than 24h before it is scheduled to take place, it has been charged with a rebooking fee of 50% of the session’s cost. If we are not informed about your cancellation and you don’t show up then you will be charged the full amount.

The physiotherapists of our clinic perform home visits in Chania, Palaiochora, and the Apokoronas region in cases where it is deemed necessary. When the patient is unable to move but wishes to receive advice or other physiotherapy services, we are able to provide these services at their residence, in accordance with our clinic's policy for providing in-home services.