Tecar Therapy - Chania, Crete

All information provided in this section comes from the official website of  WINBACK Tecar Therapy. In our clinic, our associates have the privilege to utilize all the applications of this technology during a session, wherever and whenever necessary.

Winback tecar therapy: a physiological bio-accelerator

WINBACK energy is a high-frequency current operating at 300 kHz, 500 kHz, and 1 MHz depending on the selected mode. This non-invasive current stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms, promoting cellular exchange. In combination with the therapist’s manual approach, it offers excellent rehabilitation results thanks to the fast recovery of muscle and joint functions. It is a genuine physiological bio-accelerator.

Tecar Therapy differs from electrostimulation or ultrasound via the generation of a high-frequency current which is non-invasive and natural for the human body. The frequency range developed by WINBACK allows precise targeting of different tissue layers (muscles, joints, bones, etc.), working on deep-set and painful conditions which were previously unresponsive.

By partnering with physiotherapists and experts all over the world, WINBACK has developed more than 5 possible approaches to using its equipment which is exclusive in today’s market. They provide unrivalled manoeuvrability, comfort, and freedom of action.

The technology can be adapted to the therapists’ different treatment objectives. WINBACK has paved the way for a variety of unique treatments for acute and chronic conditions.

WINBACK’s innovation at the service of manual therapists

By maintaining the highest levels of excellence and innovation, WINBACK offers practitioners solutions that are the most appropriate for their needs and those of their patients. The synergy between manual expertise and WINBACK energy offers complete freedom of movement and action. The power of movements is amplified, and the therapist adjusts their depth of action according to the condition they are treating. The therapist is totally free in their movement, so they can perform their treatment approach naturally. 

Tecar Therapy & exercise 

Combining WINBACK with muscle strengthening programs between different phases of training, strength is increased and the risk of injury is reduced. By exercising with WINBACK energy, perceived exertion decreases. The athlete gains speed, endurance, and coordination. The gentle heat created by WINBACK energy soothes pain and relaxes the person performing the exercise immediately.


The use of TECAR is contraindicated and should be avoided in cases of transplants, pacemaker and artificial organs, pregnancy, thrombosis, anesthesia in temperature fluctuations, burn, infectious condition, cancer, cartilage development, hypotension, varicose veins, anesthesia. On the other hand, there are no contraindications to using TECAR on individuals with osteosynthetic materials in their bodies.

Side effects

In some rare cases, the body may respond with a temporary increase in pain for 24 hours after the first session, if the intensity of the treatment is very strong. The pain subsides and disappears after a while.

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