Massage Therapy in Chania

Massage therapy is a general term used to describe the manipulation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments for a variety of purposes depending on each person’s needs. There are several massage techniques and types based either on the origin or the objective of the implementing technique. Our expertise in therapeutic, sports and relaxing massage offers benefits such as pain-reducing, muscle preparation and stress decreasing. 


Physical manipulation which is interconnected with every massage type improves blood circulation and the movement of lymph. Therapeutic massage relaxes muscle tissue and reduces painful contractions and spasms. In addition, applying pressure tends to decrease the hyperactivation (tightness) of the muscles and stiffness perception. In this way, flexibility and the range of motion are improved and peripheral nerve compression is reduced.


Sports massage aims to enhance performance or/and assist the overworked muscles to recover faster. Our therapists take into account many variables such as the athlete’s training stage, history, possible injuries e.t.c., which lead them to the best selection of the technique.


Relaxing massage is used in order to promote general relaxation and address anxiety. Massage is considered to release endorphins, the natural chemical in the body that makes us feel happy and energized, promoting feelings of well-being.


In conclusion, massage can be a powerful tool to manage daily requirements and activities. So no matter if you book a session for a specific health condition or just for your well-being, massage can be beneficial for you without-beyond any doubt.


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