Custom Orthotics - Chania, Crete

Custom orthotics can be prescribed following a gait and a postural analysis with the use of a force plate.

The force plate is a platform with pressure sensors operated by a computer software program. The sensors record data on the anatomical morphology of the feet and the distribution of pressure during standing posture and walking.

From the data collected and where the clinical examination imposes it, it is recommended to create custom orthotic insoles or orthopedic footwear, tailored to each individual’s daily needs and requirements.

The force plate is a dynamic platform that records & analyses the forces from the standing posture and the dynamic contact of the foot on walking, so that there can be a complete assessment of the movement patterns of the lower limb. The examination procedure is pain-free and non-invasive and is performed by a musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist.

In the first part of the assessment, the platform records the distribution of forces, the mean value of the mechanical pressure of the lower limbs, and other parameters that affect the standing posture.

The second part involves the recording of all stages of gait, pressure forces distribution, contact times, and other walking-related parameters in general.

Force plate has a key role in the immediate diagnosis of pathologies on the foot and lower limb, the recognition of anatomical adaptations, and their potential contribution to the current state of the person.

A reliable assessment leads to proper treatment and management options for symptoms through the manufacture of personalized orthotic insoles/footwear, and the prescription of an individualized exercise program where appropriate.


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