Preoperative Care

The period pre and post-surgery operation (perioperative) can be a milestone for every patient. Physiotherapy in perioperative care is emerging as an important component of postoperative recovery. The benefits of the implementation of physiotherapy in the perioperative period and its enhancement of the patient’s recovery have been highlighted by the research. Read the research review on preoperative care…

Timelines of mobilization occurring immediately after surgery or early after the institution of mechanical ventilation in cases of respiratory failure may be beneficial in preventing weakness and allowing patients to return to functional independence at the time of discharge. Incorporation of this multimodal, evidence-based approach has been shown to reduce postoperative pulmonary complications and shorten hospital length of stay.

Bed rest in the postoperative period could prove detrimental to patient recovery. Fast-track surgery methodology that incorporates intensive mobilization has been shown to improve clinical outcomes. Among the patient-centered and science-based post-surgery protocols, we also provide valuable pre-surgery sessions for maximum outcome. Preoperative physiotherapy in some cases can prime patients for enhanced recovery in the postoperative period.

Preoperative care physiotherapy sessions aim to decrease edema, strengthen soft tissues, and preserve the mobility of the joint. These clinical outcomes contribute to a better environment for the surgeon to penetrate and operate. Physiotherapy in the preoperative period can also improve physical deconditioning and may potentially affect subsequent post-surgical outcomes. 

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